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The Settlers Online


09.02.2016 Carnival Day

Dear Settlers,

All Settlers of your kingdom made a lot of preparations to celebrate today's occasion. Enjoy gatherings with family and friends. A special gift package has been sent in-game.

Some gifts!

Happy Settling!
Your "The Settlers Online" Team

08.02.2016 Changelog 23rd of Feb

Dear Settlers!

February's game update introduces new features, UI improvements and
even more changes and advancements. 

Changelog Header

  • New chat window buttons
  • Multiplayer adventure chat rooms
  • Zone-buff interface
  • Several improvements & changes
  • Read the complete change log in our forums

Chat ButtonsEnjoy the new game version!

28.01.2016 Mainte-no-nance

Worker StrokeDear Settlers,

We are very happy to inform you of a major change:

No more weekly maintenance

From now on there won't be weekly downtimes anymore!

The good old worker has retired and will only return once in a while: For special scripts and game updates. 

Several fix scripts will run every day around 2 CET during runtime instead of once a week during maintenance.

New game deployment time

There will also be new schedule in which the game will be updated. The exact time will still be posted in an update announcement 1 day prior, but please keep in mind that updates will be rolled out around 8:00 - 12:00 CET. 

We hope you'll enjoy maintenance-free times!
Your "The Settlers Online" Team

22.01.2016 Guild Quest Rework: Dev Blog

Dear Settlers,

With the latest Dev Blog entry, the Gamedesign team provides insights into the development of the Guild Quest Rework.

Dev Blog

 BB_BobMoriarty provides background information in the Dev Blog.
Read the complete entry in our forums

Have much fun reading!

14.01.2016 Sneak Peek Easter 2016

Dear Settlers,

The Easter event 2016 will be available soon at tsotesting.com.

Improved Butcher / Easter Warehouse

Besides the new buildings, a new female Explorer will be introduced!
Have a look at her @ our latest Sneak Peek in the forums
Keep an eye on the test server website for more details on the version's deployment. 

Have fun testing!


14.01.2016 Download the slim browser version

Dear Settlers,Download the slim browser version

An alternative way to play the game is available!

The slim browser version includes all the add-ons needed and the best settings for your game. You can use your existing account, you just need to login with your website credentials.


 More details & download 


Happy Browsing!
Your "The Settlers Online" Team

12.01.2016 Actualización de los Condiciones de uso y la Política de privacidad

Queridos Settlers,

El 12 de enero 2016 actualizamos nuestras Condiciones de uso y Política de privacidad. Hemos realizado estos cambios para proporcionarle más información acerca de nuestros Servicios y para abordar los recientes cambios en las leyes y reglamentos.  Para más detalles y una breve lista de todos los cambios, por favor, haz clic aquí.

Tu equipo de "The Settlers Online"

08.01.2016 Forum Poll: Guild Quest rewards

Dear Settlers,

Game Design is asking for your input: Would you like to be awarded with event resources instead of guild coins during future game events?

Vote for your preferred guild quest reward during eventsYour invited to vote in a special forum poll.
The poll is available until Tuesday ~12:00 CET.

Happy Voting!

06.01.2016 Epiphany Day

Dear Settlers,
Epiphany has arrived on your island!

While all settlers are preparing for another festive banquet, an old woman appears and delivers sacks of coal to your village. She then then disappears on her broomstick, with a chilling laugh! Have you been good this year?

Some gifts!

You will find gifts attached to the letter in the game

Happy Settling,

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